Platform Numbers and Posterboards

Platform Numbers and Posterboards

On this page you will find our OO Gauge Platform Numbers and Posterboard Signs, our range fully covers all of the companies and British Railway regions from the 1920's to the 1980s in the mainland UK.  Each pack contains 115 signs all of which are printed on self-adhesive vinyl and die cut to shape, ready for your layout.


Please click on the section below which contains the company or region you are after.

Big 4 Companies

GWR_Platform_Signs__Poster_Boards_-_Black_-_TSVS0043-002   LMS_Platform_Numbers__Posterboards_-_TSVS0045-003   LNER_Platform_Signs_-_Blue_OO_-_TSVS0144   Southern_Railway_Station_Signs__Poster_Boards_-_Green__White_-_TSVS0145

1923 to 1947 - GWR, LMS, LNER & Southern Railway

British Railways

British_Railways_-_Platform_Signs_Only_-_TSVS0037   BR_Eastern_Region_Platform_signs_-_TSVS0038   BR_London_Midland_Region_Platform_Signs_Only_-_TSVS0039   BR_North_Eastern_Region_-_Platform_Signs_Only_-_TSVS0040   BR_Scottish_Region_-_Platform_Signs_Only_-_TSVS0041   BR_Southern_Region_-_Platform_Signs_Only_-_TSVS0036  BR_Western_Region_-_Platform_Signs_Only_-_TSVS0042

1948 to 1965 - Eastern Region, London Midland Region, North Eastern Region, Scottish Region, Southern Region & Western Region

British Rail


1965 to 1997 - British Rail