Posterboards - Die Cut

Posterboards - Die Cut

Our OO Gauge Die Cut Posterboards are printed on high quality self adhesive vinyl, they are then individually cut to give you easy peel off signs, that can affixed to your station or town buildings.
We currently have packs that cover subjects such as
  • Destination Posters
  • Household Goods
  • Propaganda Posters for both World Wars
  • Alcohol Adverts
  • Tobacco Posters
  • and many more
Please click on the links below to see our range of Die Cut Poster Boards.
If you don't see the product here you require, or if you have any suggestions for future packs that may be of interest to you or the wider model railway community, please call us on 023 9271 8111 or email us at

Big 4 Companies

1923 to 1947 - GWR, LMS, LNER & Southern Railway

GWR_Pack_1_-_DCPB0010   GWR_Pack_4_-_DCPB0013   LMS_Pack_1_-_DCPB0014   LMS_Pack_4_-_DCPB0017   LNER_-_Blue_Pack_1   LNER_Pack_2_-_DCPB0019   SR_Pack_1_-_DCPB0022   SR_Pack_4_-_DCPB0025

British Railways

1948 to 1965 - Eastern Region, London Midland Region, North Eastern Region, Scottish Region, Southern Region & Western Region

Eastern_Region_Pack_1_-_DCPB0048   London_Midland_Pack_1_-_DCPB0050   Nort_Eastern_Region_Pack_1_-_DCPB0052   Scottish_Region_Pack_1_-_DCPB0054   Southern_Region_Pack_1_-_DCPB0056   Western_Region_Pack_1_-_DCPB0058

British Rail

1965 to 1997 - British Rail

British_Rail_PB_Pack_1_-_DCPB0082   British_Rail_PB_Pack_2_-_DCPB0083   British_Rail_PB_Pack_3_-_DCPB0084   British_Rail_PB_Pack_4_-_DCPB0085   British_Rail_-_Timetables_-_DCPB0086

70's & 80's Adverts

1970's & 80's Adverts

1970s_Adverts_Pack_1_-_DCPB0111   1970s_Adverts_Pack_2_-_DCPB0112   1980s_Adverts_Pack_1_-_DCPB0115   1980s_Adverts_Pack_2_-_DCPB0116


Advertising Posterboards - Packs available for 1930's, 1940's, 1950's & 1960's Films

1950s_Films_Pack_2_-_DCPB0007   1960s_Films_Pack_1_-_DCPB0008   1970s_Films_Pack_1_-_DCPB0113   1980s_Films_Pack_1_-_DCPB0117   1990s_Films_Pack_1

Food, Consumables & Household Goods

Advertising Posterboards - Packs available for Household Good, Food & Confectionary and Alcohol & Tobacco

Food__Confectionary_Pack_1_-_DCPB0026   Food__Confectionary_Pack_2_-_DCPB0027   Household_Goods_-_DCPB0028   Tobacco__Alcohol_-_Pack_1_-_DCPB0033  


Advertising Posterboards - Packs available for World War 1 and World War 2

WW1_Propaganda_Pack_1_-_DCPB0035   WW2_Propaganda_Pack_1_-_DCPB0036

Motoring & Transport

Advertising Posterboards - Packs available for Motoring, General Transport & Motorcycles

Motorcycles_Pack_1_-_DCPB0029   Motorcycles_Pack_2_-_DCPB0030   Motoring_Pack_1_-_DCPB0031   Transport__Motoring_Pack_1_-_DCPB0032

Toys & Games

Vintage Toy & Game advertising Posters