Tennis Court Sidings - Ken Jones

Tennis Court Sidings, built in 2010, is a British N Gauge layout set in the present somewhere in the south west of England. It’s a   small preservation site seldom open to the public, but the local bus enthusiasts have totally renovated the old Western National    garage and surrounding area. They are holding a bus rally and the railway is open as well. 


Ken saw as an opportunity to show his collection of more than 70 x N gauge buses which exclude the recent Oxford Diecast models issued in the UK. In 2010 Ken also acquired many of the late Bill Avery N gauge bus models, meaning that there are now over 150 buses from all over the world able to appear on this layout. 


The layout also retains the tennis court – once part of the sports facilities offered by the local bus company to its employees, and which lends its name to the layout, but 3 loops have been laid in this area replacing some short sidings which were on the original layout.  


The layout is 91cm x 61 cm [3ft x 2ft in old money] and consists of an oval of track that the preservation group utilise. 


But it’s the buses that will make this layout different. Some of the kits have not been produced for years like the Dennis E type single decker produced by Cromer models as a white metal kit, or the Daimler CVD 6 with MCV body from Langley and many from P&D Marsh.


It is not certain which buses will turn up on the layout just like a true bus rally, and some may be there for one day only to add realism to the event. Others have been sourced from the USA, Germany and the Far East and are not often seen in the UK. Then of course there are the really unique models special to this layout like the tree lopping bus converted from a Lesney / Matchbox model by Rodney from the West Midlands N Gauge Club for Ken’s new layout.

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