Bob Hart - Buses

Buses by Bob Hart

Picture 1

Left to right, RT 14, STL 2169 & RT 62 on the paddock of St Dennis's Heritage Garage, this used to be a loco servicing shed untill closure & conversion to the local preservation societies headquarters.


Picture 2

STL 2584 on the right, the last green & cream liveried one to run in service in Hertfordshire, is now carrying almost identical product addverts on her front corners to those she wore on that last day of service all thanks to Trackside Signs! Many more individual & "special" period buses can now be accurately portraid as a result of these addverts now being produced.


Picture 3

Shows a line up of the first 4 models to have these superb period add's applied. 


Picture 4

Moving in closer to show the amazing detail that is retained on these tiny (just 9.5mm x 7mm) stickers & how well they fit both, onto & importantly, around the side corners of the buses, exactly as the real add's did, on the STL's in their day.


Picture 5

The other two models in close up, these being RT's with roofboxes & as such, the addverts were set slightly further in towards the route blinds & not so far around the side corners, once again the Trackside Sign stickers fit the bill perfectly!!

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