Banbury Shed

Bambury Shed depicts a semi fictitious location during the transition period between the old steam locomotives and the new diesel fleet. The steam locomotives are almost invariably dirty and badly looked after, which is the way that most of us remember them!

Bambury Shed was originally built and is owned by Graham Heald. It has been extended and upgraded by club members.

It has been a regular “visitor” at the W&NW club (and it’s predecessor The Buckley and District Club) where the members have been heavily involved in the maintenance, upgrading and operation of the layout when on exhibition.

During transit to the exhibition at Crewe in January, the layout suffered significant damage due to the failure of a racking support member in the trailer. The turntable board dropped on to the shed board, punched the turntable upwards out of its mountings and scraped the scenery on the shed board. The layout was ‘fixed up’ before the show and operated without turning the locos. On return to the club, it was found that the surface boards under both shed boards were life expired and a decision was taken to strip the track, make new baseboards and relay with hand-made track.


A video of the layout at the Stafford Model Railway show Feb 2012 can be found here with our Billboards and a Vinyl Totem we printed for them at 13:01

Bambury Shed video - Please clink on link

Graham Heald; 17th January 2008

I had been buying 00 locos for a long time and they were just stored in a cupboard. I realised that I should really create a layout where I could have the pleasure of seeing them in operation.

About 10 years ago, Shed based layouts were beginning to appear on the exhibition scene and I liked the idea of a shed layout with the associated station, goods yard and town “off scene”.

I am a Great Western Man and have always had a preference for freight locos, so I started to look around for a suitable location for a shed layout.

Banbury fitted the bill. It was a cross-over location for several lines, allowing more than just GWR locos to appear. There were heavy freight sidings either side of the station and much iron ore traffic from Oxfordshire passed through, generally pulled by 9Fs.

Banbury location is identifiable by the location of the shed, the coaling stage, the signal box and particularly the gasometers, so these are reproduced on the layout. The turntable, however is at the wrong end of the shed and hence the name was changed to “Bambury” to ensure that it was not seen to be an exact model of the location.

The bus depot was the most southerly of the Midland Red empire and is located in Banbury.

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